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Livestreaming of worship services is growing. No longer do churches have to buy expensive airtime from television stations for a one-time broadcast. Streaming allows churches to reach new potential members, seekers and shut-ins with their weekly service and rebroadcast it as often as they like by way of on-demand.

Here are some practical suggestions on equipment and companies to help you launch your own livestream.

Recommended Computer Specs:
• Windows 10
• Intel Core i7 Processor 3Ghz+
• 8GB DDR3 Ram
• Solid State Hard Drive
• Nvidia GTX 950/960/970/980 or GTX 1050/1060/1070/1080

Reference Computer Systems:
• Sapphire (4 SDI or 3 SDI & 1 HDMI Inputs)
• Emerald (4 1080p HDMI Inputs)
• Ruby (8 1080p SDI Inputs)

When it comes to streaming equipment, churches have two choices, a computer or a dedicated streaming box such as:
• Tricaster
• Teradek VidiU
• Epiphan Webcaster

There are several options for streaming services and video mixing software:
• vMix
• Wirecast
• Livestream Studio
• Flash Media Live Encoder
• VidBlaster

Several content delivery networks are available. CDN’s put your worship service livestream in many places at once, providing superior coverage to your viewers:
• The Cloud Media Group
• Edgecast/Verizon Digital Media
• Akamai
• Facebook Live (free)
• YouTube Live (free)

One other topic that should be addressed is licensing. You can’t just plug your camera into a computer and hit go. You have to buy the license that allows you to do that. CCLI sells a streaming license.

Source: Ministry Tech

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