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The steps below will provide all the information you need to get started using this new Shelby Financials reporting tool.  However, you also might like to review 3 lessons that will help you get the hang of it.  See Lesson links below.

Start the Utility

  1. Open Internet Explorer (I.E.)
  2. Login to Shelby Financials.
  3. Hover over Utilities and select Ad Hoc Report

Exploring the Tool Set

Select an Entity

  1. From the Opening Financials’ screen hover over Utilities and choose Ad Hoc Reports
  2. From the Query Builder page, click once in the entity list
  3. Start typing COREP – notice CorePerson is at top of the screen. (Note:  You can pick any one of the entities in the list)
  4. Double click on CorePerson or click and drag it into the Design area

Select a Data Field

  1. Review the list of fields available
  2. Locate and place a checkmark beside LastName

Display and Manage Results

  1. Click once on Data Grid at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the Refresh link located on the right side of the screen. This will run the query and display the results.
  3. Type one letter in the blank Filter For this demonstration we will use the letter A
  4. Tap the tab key to activate the Filter
  5. From the pulldown list choose EqualTo

Using Results

  1. To save your report enter a title in the Report Name
  2. You can also enter a description as an additional option
  3. Click the Save icon.
    1. Just a quick tip – if you are working on a more complex report, it is a good idea to save your results after each change you make.
  4. To clear selections, click the New link
  5. To retrieve a saved report, click the Open link
  6. To export your results click any of the 4 export options. Excel, PDF, CSV (my favorite), or Word

Introduction Lesson 1

Introduction Lesson 2

Introduction Lesson 3