Know what’s strange? The Bible.

Yes, the Bible is strange. Think about it. Many people think they know the Bible from what others have told them or from what they have learned in church, but it’s not an easy book to read. Unless you have studied the entire thing, it’s bound to still surprise you… even if you’ve grown up going to church.

The Bible isn’t necessarily a book that you read front to back, either. Many people recommend reading it in sections, and many have their own ideas about what to read first. It is a very inspirational, loving, wise, and true book. It is also dark, sad, and somewhat disturbing.

Since it was originally written in the Hebrew and Greek languages, the Bible has been translated many times. Through translation, you discover the need for interpretation. My Sunday School leader made an interesting analogy the other day about why it’s important to use the Bible’s various interpretations. He said that you wouldn’t have tried making your Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole without a recipe or first cooking the sweet potatoes… right? The potatoes are hard and impossible to mash when they are raw, so it’s difficult to try and prepare them unless you have the recipe and they have been fully cooked.

Like the potatoes, the Bible can be difficult to understand. People have spent a lot of time studying and interpreting different parts of it, so use that knowledge to help you understand it better.  A small group can also be a great way to learn with like-minded people who can help walk you through the process.

How do you read through the Bible? Do you devote time each day to studying it?

What tools do you use to learn the Bible at a deeper level?