Today’s blog post comes from John Cook, a long-time employee of Shelby Systems, who specializes in various aspects of Arena.

Good morning!

I have a couple of announcements to make this morning, and I want to start off by letting each of you know that I have officially taken on a new role here at Shelby Systems. My new position will be Arena Product Manager, which will include maintaining the product backlog (which includes both feature requests and bugs), deciding what order new items will be implemented, planning the order in which the items will be accomplished, working with the Software Development Manager for the timely release of updates and releases, and giving advice, assistance and clarification to the sales team.

Because our Development team has adopted the Agile Scrum methodology, I also act as the Scrum Product Owner.  My desire in this position is to  fill in the gaps that exist, so that all of our customers (current and future) flourish and are able to use Arena in the best way possible for their ministry.

I have been with Shelby Systems since 2006 and I started here just one month before my wife and I got married, when I was still in seminary.  I started out as a v.5 technician, but have also held the posts of Arena CSR and Arena Specialist.

The second exciting change at Shelby is David Ellis’ move within the Technology Division, where he will now be working as an Arena Developer. David’s depth of knowledge and experience with the Arena product make him uniquely suited to be our next developer.

We are looking forward to our new roles at Shelby Systems and better serving you in these positions. If you have any questions concerning our software, please call (800) 877-0222 or email

Hope you have a great day!