When natural disaster hits, we are all affected. Our hearts ache as we watch those who live through tragedy struggle to make sense of the remains. The recent tornados that hit Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Mississippi were tragic. They left behind a path of destruction that goes far beyond the physical ruin. Yet in the darkness we are more aware of light. Light brings with it hope and peace; when life is dark we have a better understanding of our need for light.


One story that has been all over the internet since these recent tornados is the story of April Smith. She and her husband Daniel were seriously injured by the tornado that hit their town of Vilonia, AR on Sunday, April 27th, 2014. Sadly, their two sons, Cameron and Tyler did not survive. Yet amidst this dark time April is clinging to the hope of the Lord. Even as she lays with two broken legs in a hospital bed she confidently clings to the fact that her sons fulfilled their purpose in this life and are now with their heavenly Father. She admits that there was more darkness to come, more then she can predict, but she also has an overwhelming peace that calms her. This peace allows her to say, God is good, all the time.


I read a blog post written by a close friend of April’s. I found this post on Facebook. I mention this because Facebook now has a feature that gathers related articles and lists them below the original posts. Under this blog post was a testimony video. As I looked closer I noticed it was a video of April’s spiritual journey. Once I realized this was the same April from the blog post I had to watch it. In twenty minutes, I had learned about a women who was loving God in the midst of one of the hardest trials imaginable and I also learned the story of how she came to know the Lord. Was this by chance or did the Lord want people to know of this women’s faith?


One detail that really stuck out to me in the video was an encounter April had, when she was young, with a man at a camp meeting. This man prophesied that April would be a mighty women of God one day and would save hundreds and thousands of people. I heard this and immediately thought, PROPHECY COMPLETE! It is safe to say April Smith is a mighty women of God. She rejoices in His goodness while her heart is experiencing the agonizing loss of her two children. Her response to this event resonates that God’s love is greater than life. To add to this, April’s story has been seen by thousands of people. Now, how the Lord uses this story in the lives of those who view it isn’t as easy to trail but I do know it has impacted me.


Please pray for the victims who were impacted by the tornados that hit in late April 2014. Many of them have to rebuild every aspect of their lives because they lost, family, homes, schools, work buildings, grocery stores etc. God has compassion on those in need, He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer.