Children’s Check-In Software is a wonderful option to put in place to ensure the safety of children and to protect your church. Shelby Systems offers safe, reliable check-in software and recommendations for security hardware from trusted third-party vendors. Make sure to contact your Shelby Sales Consultant to learn more about discounts on security hardware specifically designed to work with your Shelby Check-In software.

Below are six of the most common children’s check-in security options to quickly secure children at your church:

The fingerprint scan is a great way to quickly identify the family when they first arrive to check-in their children. Many churches chose the fingerprint scan because they don’t want the parents to have to remember one more thing when getting ready for church. As one software customer said, “I’ve got four kids hanging on my leg, two diaper bags, I can’t find my keys…but I’ve got my finger handy.”

Creating a custom key tag for your church members is a great way to check students in. The barcode on the back of the tag will need to be assigned to the family. Then when you scan that barcode it will immediately identify the family that is there to check in. This is the fastest and most accurate method for checking in. Typically mom or dad will have their keys handy when they arrive so it’s quite fast.

Another option available is the barcode badge. These badges are credit card size tags that can be printed directly. They include the family picture as well as the barcode. The card is scanned and the family is immediately identified for check-in. The card can also be used to release the child on check-out since there is a family picture.

Using a touchscreen monitor to allow for self-check-in works quite well. Most folks are familiar with using touch screens from ATM’s to checking in at the airport, so your congregants should be able to easily check themselves in using this method.

The least expensive method for checking in children is to search for the family based on the last name or on the last four digits of the phone number. This method is not as quick as a barcode scan or fingerprint scan because there is one additional step: You’ll do the search and then pick the family that is present, whereas the scan immediately identifies the family.

Mobile children’s check-in would allow your church to have volunteers with iPad’s or smartphones in different locations throughout your church doing the check-in. Then the name tags and parent tags can be printed in a central location. This works really well for bus ministries. The bus driver can have an iPad, check the kids in when they hop on the bus, then the name tags are ready for them when they arrive at church.

These are six of the most common ways to check in children at church. We hope that one of the methods works for your church to ensure the safety and security of your visitors.

Source: Church Tech Today


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