At an impressive 1,928 pages, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has more pages than the story of the man from La Mancha, the Odyssey of Odysseus and the King Kames Version of the Bible!  I would even venture to say, based on my brief read of it, reading The Canterbury Tales in Middle English would require fewer translations and definitions than the ACA.  So basically, it is long and taxing to read.  Regardless of where we all fall in our political views of the ACA, it is important that we understand how it affects the churches and ministries that we are involved in and work with.  Will you understand all there is to know about the ACA after reading this?  I can definitively say no.  Remember, it is longer than the Bible and I am still studying that!  What you will walk away with is a clearer understanding of tools available to you that help manage your church’s and ministry’s compliance to the ACA guidelines. The Benefit Status Monitor, offered by TimeClock Plus as an add-on module, allows you to do just that – help manage your compliance with the ACA, specifically section 4980 H, “Shared Responsibility for Employers Regarding Health Coverage”. 


So how does the Benefit Status Monitor help with compliance?

  • Employment statuses (full-time, part-time, or variable hour) can be flagged for reporting purposes and tracking.
  • Measurement Periods (the length of time, between 3 and 12 months, employers use to determine whether or not variable hour employees are eligible for coverage) can be defined and tracked in reporting.
  • Reports can be generated to show how close part-time and variable hour employees are to exceeding their hourly threshhold.
  • Reports can also show when full-time employees have fallen below the minimum number of hours needed to qualify for benefits.
  • Text and e-mail alerts can be sent out to managers and supervisors when employees are nearing their hourly threshold in a measurement period.
  • Provides the tools you need that help to reduce the risk of costly fines through poor employee time tracking practices.

Having the tools you need to accurately track and effectively manage employee hours will definitely make managing ACA compliance less of a hassle.


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