Athletes defy odds and they seem to have supernatural abilities. They represent our cities and countries so that the average human feels like we are connected  to them and therefore part of the game.


It is safe to say many people worship sports and idolize athletes. What do athletes worship? We could make some guesses but here is one story we do know. Tim Howard, the goalie for the U.S. national team at this year’s 2014 World Cup worships Jesus Christ.


As millions watch Howard live out his dream it is encouraging to hear him quote that his peace in life does not come from his accomplishments or performance but rather from Jesus Christ. Sound crazy? He understands that it might sound that way. He says this peace, that has been given to him, surpasses all understanding. To me, that means this peace is so great it doesn’t make sense or can’t be explained by mere human logic. Read this article to learn how Tim Howard came to know about this incomprehensible peace.