One post that we feel we want to mention again is one of our previous posts on Payroll. It was full of testimonials from our customers who use our Payroll tool, giving you a better idea of why people are using it and how they like it.

Payroll is part of the Shelby Financial software package and it manages all aspects of your payroll. It provides gross wage computation, calculates all necessary taxes, determines voluntary deductions, prints a payroll check for the employee, and accumulates necessary totals for monthly, quarterly, and annual government & management reporting.

Some churches that outsource their payroll are trying to avoid the hassle of spending time and money on their staff having to process it in-house. What many find, however, is that using a payroll tool that integrates with your church software usually means money saved and time spent more efficiently .

Check out some of our testimonials from Payroll users, give us a call at (800)877-0222, or email for more information.