The announcement struggle is real. Here are three places you can start to feel the win.

  1. Try different channels. Video isn’t the only tool in the toolbox. It can be great, but can get as predictable as anything else. Have fun with it, but don’t feel the pressure to over produce or make your announcements an oscar-worthy creative performance every week. It comes across a little self-indulgent and out of touch. Keep it simple. Some reminders should be announced live.
  2. Try not to supersize. It’s ok to talk about why something matters, but don’t oversell the solution. “You don’t want to miss this!” every, single week for every single event is the stuff parodies are made of. Tie events to subjects people care about, point them to a next step, but don’t exaggerate the benefits. Take your videos for a test drive every other week as you build momentum and grow into it. Alternate between live and video. The variety might be just what you, and your audience, respond to best.
  3. Try not to talk about everything at once. It’s not just about YOUR bandwidth. It’s about your audience’s bandwidth, too. Come on. They can only handle so much at once. Champion unity around a key shared value or common problem, point to the event as an answer to the problem and help guide guests to the place where they can find the details and answers to their nitty gritty questions.

As much as the weekly announcements might be the bane of existence for communications and creative people, it’s worth the effort. Don’t over think it. Just remember the simple connection announcements are there for, keep it real and don’t be afraid to mix it up from week to week.

Source: Ministry Tech


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