New visitors aren’t all alike. People walk through your doors each Sunday for many different reasons, so it’s important to cover all of your bases. Even if the message is great, it might not be enough to make visitors want to come back. Consider the minor details just as important as the major ones when you are considering your visitors.

I’ve compiled a short list of things that might be some of the most important details in a visitor’s first experience:

  • How a visitor was welcomed and acknowledged throughout his/her time there.
  • Keeping things consistent. Does your church put song lyrics up on a projector or does everyone still sing from hymnals? Obviously, you can’t please everyone with the music, but if the look and feel of the church is more traditional, it might throw a lot of people off if your worship music is loud and contemporary. It’s better to not leave your visitors feeling confused, right?
  • How the message is delivered.
  • How easy it is to get involved. If you have Sunday School classes during the second hour, did the pastor invite everyone to attend one? Are there details in the program where visitors can easily find the classrooms and which ones might be right for them?
  • How safe/clean the child care area is. If your visitors have small children, these details can make or break their opinion of the church.

What other details can you think of that might create a better environment for visitors?