Here’s an excerpt from the new book: Becoming a Welcoming Church.

Your church can become a more welcoming church regardless of how welcoming you may think it already is.

Here are six simple adjustments that cost little to nothing that will have great results:

  1. Check the website – Your church’s website is its front door to guests. The content and design need to be focused on them, not on the members.
  2. Do a facility audit – A dirty or unkept children’s area will turn guests away from your church.
  3. Train a welcome team – It doesn’t take a lot of work to train a welcome team. It just takes intentionality.
  4. Keep greeters in worship center – Door greeters are great, but having someone to greet those in the worship center may be more important.
  5. Paint a room – sometimes a new coat of paint can make all the difference. It makes a statement.
  6. Get some inexpensive (plastic) signs – you need signage inside and outside of the building for directions and encouragement.

(examples: parking, guest parking, nursery, pre-school, restrooms, thanks for visiting, you are now entering the mission field, etc.)


Source: Lifeway Resources

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