The ShelbyNext Membership (included with ShelbyNext Membership) iPhone app allows you to access all of ShelbyNext Membership’s core features while on the go!

People Features:
– Create People.
– View lists of all members and groups, complete with thumbnails of profile pictures.
– Use as a church directory, if enabled.
– View all information for a person. Including personal, contact, dates, custom fields, and family.
– Tap profile image to add a new one.
– Edit all fields, including custom ones.
– Add/remove people from groups.
– Add/Edit notes.
– Print a summary page, using AirPrint.
– Add a person to your Contacts.

Self Child Check-in.
– Parents can check their kids in when close to church, so the labels are already printed and waiting for them, when they get inside.

– View lists of Completed, Outstanding, and My Outstanding interactions.
– Edit Outstanding Interactions.
– Assign/Log a new interaction.

– Add/edit attendance for a group.
– Add visitors who are currently in the system.
– Create and add visitors.
– Swipe left on a name to see more options.

Mass Contact
– Mass Email a group.
– Mass SMS and Voice message (Requires this to be configured via web)

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