Maggie Canady is my next victim in “The Shelby Team” series. These posts are where I am highlighting different people from every department here at Shelby Systems and finding more out about their deep, dark secrets.

Maggie Canady

Well OK, maybe not going that deep… but Maggie is definitely a fun one to write about because:

  1. She is my manager and gave me free reign to write this
  2. She is quite possibly the biggest Dolly Parton fan in the world
  3. … and a University of Alabama fan (next to me… Roll Tide!)
  4. She is my manager and gave me free reign to write this

Maggie is a lot of things. She is hard working, creative, a red head, and the owner of a very cute Yorkshire Terrier (who she so conveniently named Bear, after legendary Alabama football coach, Bear Bryant). I’m telling you, she’s passionate.

When you walk into Maggie’s cubicle, you will see pictures of three things: Bear, her family, or Dolly Parton. When she was two, Maggie even had a rabbit that she named Dolly. The things she loves most are her family, the mountains, Alabama football, and Shelby Systems.

The company is such a big part of Maggie’s life because she quite literally grew up around all things Shelby. Her father, Frank Canady, started working here 35 years ago as the first employee. She spent many years watching her dad and helping him around the office. She has been on staff full time for over three years now and was recently promoted to Marketing and Communications Manager. She has really made a name for herself and goes above and beyond to keep Shelby Systems ahead of the curve.

Maggie’s love for working at Shelby goes deeper than the family connection because she feels that this is not just an experienced software company, but a ministry helping many churches and non-profits around the world.

Follow her on twitter @maggiecanady.