Being loyal Shelby Systems’ clients, you have probably heard of or are familiar with what we call SSTips. This tool was created years ago with our clients’ needs in mind.

It all started one day in the late 1990’s when then outside Shelby trainer, Alfred Johnson, walked into a training session in Amarillo, TX. Alfred was surprised when he was immediately confronted by the attendees, since each one seemed to have a Shelby v.5 problem of some kind.

“Shelby won’t do this, or Shelby can’t help me with that,” Alfred recalls. The thing was, Shelby would and could help with each issue that the clients had. After showing each person where to find their answers, Alfred went back to his hotel room and thought about how he could eliminate the problems from earlier that day. This is where SSTips was created into a newsletter for people wanting extra tips on their Shelby product(s). A small annual subscription fee was set in place and SSTips soon had a large following.

“I tried to think of tips that aren’t mentioned in the manuals, that people would need for things not usually thought of,” says Alfred. SSTips really took off and Shelby Systems knew it had something really valuable. Alfred traveled for years, taking notes at every training session on what people asked the most.

Besides the creation of SSTips, the best thing to happen to it took place on October 1, 2010. SSTips was transformed from a newsletter to an online help tool… and the best part? It’s FREE!

If you sign up for Shelby’s Community site, you will have first access to Shelby Systems’ SSTips, updates, information, discounts and more. There is no charge to be a part of the Shelby Community, but it gives our staff and clients an easier way to interact with one another.

I hope that if you have never checked out SSTips before, you will be inspired to see what the buzz is all about and how it can help you. Thanks, everyone!