2005- Apple announces that it will switch to Intel processors in 2006

1991- NBC announces that Johnny Carson will be replaced by Jay Leno in 1992

1971- Last broadcast of the “Ed Sullivan Show”

1960- Roy Orbison releases hit song, “Only the Lonely”

1944- Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. receives Congressional Medal of Honor

1944- D-Day- invasion of Normandy

1933- First U.S. drive-in theater opens in New Jersey

1918- U.S. wins first victory in WWI at Battle of Belleau Wood

1872- Susan B. Anthony was fined for attempting to vote

1862- Battle of Memphis (home of Shelby Systems)- city is surrendered

1850- Levi Strauss created his first pair of blue jeans

1844- The YMCA was formed in London

1816- Ten inches of snow falls on New England due to a volcanic eruption in Indonesia and was subsequently dubbed the “year without a summer”

1813- U.S. invasion of Canada is halted at Stoney Creek

1772- Jean Bapriste-Pointe Dusable settles Chicago

1664- New Amsterdam is renamed New York City

1660- Sweden and Denmark sign a peace treaty

1654- Sweden’s Queen Christina resigns and converts to Catholicism

1391- Inhabitants of Seville Spain massacre 5,000 Jews

1002- King Henry II (the Saint) of Germany is crowned