Happy Thursday! We could all use a little encouragement and a reminder of the big picture every now and then, right? I need to be reminded of the big picture often. Actually, I need to be reminded of the big picture daily. I am a details person and before I know it, I can zoom my focus in on the task at hand and forget the overall purpose. If you forget your purpose, you can lose your drive. Then before you know it Wednesday rolls around you cannot remember why turning in daily reports are important. Sound familiar?


I was encouraged this morning after reading an article from Christianity Today’s project titled “This is Our City”. This section is dedicated to articles sent in by readers from around the U.S. These readers are convinced that God has called them to make a difference in their cities despite each cities’ unique cultural challenges. Today I stumbled upon an article written about Memphis, TN. As many of you are aware, Shelby Headquarters is located in Memphis. Many of you have even visited us!! So it makes sense that this particular article was encouraging and refueling to me. To elaborate a bit, this article reminded me that I am not alone in my purpose of wanting to make a difference for the glory of the Lord and I am not alone in my city. This project instantly brought to mind all the Shelby customers that work many hours and give their talents daily for this same purpose in cities all across this nation and beyond. So be encouraged and remember your purpose. Your work, even paperwork, is not in vain and is glorifying to the Lord.


If you want to read the article I am referencing you can check it out here. As a warning, the title references violence, which is a challenge of many cities in our nation. I encourage you not to stop at the title, keep reading for the redemption that is revealed at the end.


Are you proud of your city and the work the Lord is doing there in the midst of challenges? Give your city a shout out below!!