It’s that time of year again, yes Christmas. This season flies by too quickly. Before you know it, you’re in January and you are faced with the harsh reality that you have a lot to do before January 31st.


I always appreciate a heads up on deadlines, even the most solid and repetitive ones like the deadline for filing taxes. Let this post be your “heads up courtesy call”. It is time to get this on your to do list.


To eliminate further hassle, take a moment to check out the forms offered by our partner, Nelco. Their forms are compatible with our software. This means you don’t have to worry if your W-2’s, 941’s and 1099’s will print perfectly aligned because they will be just right. This will save lots of time and reduce stress.


Have questions? Give Nelco a call at 800-266-4669. It is worth checking this one off the list, the sooner the better.