The old has gone and the new has come for Memphis native, former professional football player John Bramlett. What happened to the meanest man in professional sports? God gets all the glory for the change in his life.


Bramlett became a follower of Christ in 1973 when he was 32 years old. In those first 32 years, John left a lasting impression on many people, a not very positive impression I might add. He was nicknamed the “Bull” and that was a perfect description of how he lived his life on and off the field during those years. He was always ready for a fight. Bramlett needed the peace that surpasses all understanding. John Bramlett needed help to be rescued from himself.  He needed a “Savior”.


The film, Taming the Bull: The John Bramlett Story, takes you on the journey of a man who once cursed God to a man who now serves God. Check out the trailer below, as well as our very own Shelby Podcast interviewing Taming the Bull: The John Bramlett Story’s producer Grant Guffin.