You lose weight, but none of your clothes fit anymore.

You get a new puppy, but it ruins your carpet.

Your church starts growing quickly, but you don’t have the tools to keep up.

Like a beautiful rose with sharp thorns, it seems like most good things in life come with their downfalls.

Shelby Systems is always working to avoid any downfalls by offering church and financial software that covers as many necessary categories as possible for churches, parishes and headquarters offices. We are always taking new ideas into account in order to stay ahead of the curve and offer more improved and efficient ways of doing things… leaving you with powerful software and peace of mind.

With Shelby’s different software options, you will be able to quickly input all of your church or financial data so you won’t ever have to struggle with keeping up with the new growth in the church.

Here are some links to our Church software, Financial software, and Shelby Arena software (web and browser-based options).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sales at (800) 877-0222 or