Remember the game Telephone? Remember how a bunch of people would sit in a large circle, one person would whisper a sentence to the person sitting next to them, and by the time the sentence traveled through the whole circle, it would be a completely different sentence? Have you ever thought about how Christianity can be skewed a lot like the messages in that game?

I think C.S. Lewis said it perfectly with, “What we want is not more books about Christianity, but more books by Christians on other subjects”.

So many of those books have been written, and over time, we have accumulated hundreds of different ideas about what the Bible really says (many of which are not so good). We don’t need more ways to interpret it… we need to see the ways that other Christians are applying it to their lives. I’m not saying that interpretive or knowledgeable books are a bad thing, but the more interpretations that we have, the more skewed our religion could become.

How do you feel about Lewis’ quote?

Do you agree?