This story in Memphis’ Commercial Appeal caught my attention because I have recently started running and I also regularly work out at the YMCA, so I figured it would be right up my alley. I quickly realized that it isn’t just about a man’s determination to stay in shape and to challenge himself with marathon running, but to make a difference to someone who can’t otherwise experience these things.

This man, Gene Carter, started running with a teenage boy, named Paul Appleby, back in 2004, and they’ve remained running partners ever since. Carter got the idea to run with Appleby after seeing a video at his church, Raleigh Assembly of God Church (who happens to be a Shelby customer), about a man who ran with a friend who was affected by cerebral palsy. Appleby has also been diagnosed with the disease and is completely wheelchair-bound. Carter thought that he and Appleby could both benefit from teaming up together and they have now completed 5Ks, 10Ks, half and full marathons. They are motivators for each other and Appleby does a good job of cheering Carter on during their runs (and telling him to speed up).

It’s great to see how one person’s small act of kindness can be so fulfilling for himself and for someone else. Check out this article for a great story to start your day off right. It’s truly inspiring!

Do you have any fun hobbies that also benefit others?

Happy Friday, everyone!