Not satisfied with your Financial software? Ever feel like you are always needing more options or help with figuring things out?

Shelby prides itself on having one of the most advanced church software systems and our financial package has more tools and capabilities than you can imagine. Check out what some of our customers are saying:

General Ledger

“Generally, I work on the financials in some way, whether preparing journal entries, working on spreadsheets, or reconciling the bank accounts. Among the many useful features in the General Ledger module, I really use ShelbyQuery a lot. It is really nice to be able to download data directly into Excel and then work with it. Also, the ability to save reports as PDF’s is very helpful…I can’t imagine trying to do this job without Shelby Financials. I really appreciate that it was designed for churches and not-for-profits. Since I work in the Accounting Department of a large church, I would have no ministry without Shelby Financials. Shelby enables us to provide necessary financial information to all other departments, the pastors, the deacons, and the whole congregation at times.  We can help departments track their spending vs. budget and help the congregation understand the financial results of the past year.” -Kelley Brown

Purchase Order

“I find it easier to navigate than most other financial software. The biggest savings from Shelby’s Financials has been Timeclock Plus and the ShelbyTELLER scanner, as well as showing the other ministries how to use the Purchase order module.  It has saved my assistant a lot of entry.” -Sylvia Manley, Faith Baptist Church

Bank Reconciliation

“It is so easy to find a journal or a deposit and Bank Reconciliation works like a charm. Usually whatever a minister or board needs….I can produce relatively quickly.” -Elena Derbique, Geist Christian Church


“Shelby Payroll is a great program. We used ADP for several years, but pulled it in-house in 1995 and are SO glad we did. Doing it ourselves may cost us a bit more time for the reporting side of things, but we save way more money in ADP fees than we spend on the salary for our employees to do it for us. I would also recommend the third party product, Time-Clock Plus. It interfaces with Shelby and eliminates manual entry of hours. Shelby Systems actually uses this for their payroll processing.” -Cindy Rose, Christian Life Center

Shelby’s Financials also includes: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Check Express, Expense Amortization, Receipting, Fixed Assets… and so much more.

To find out more about Shelby’s church software, call (800) 877-0222 or email!