Shelby Systems offers FREE webinars and low-cost Training webinars to keep your church up-to-date with how our software works and what’s new. All live webinars are interactive so the viewers can type in questions via an online tool and it appears on one of the moderators screens… somewhat like an instant message. We work hard to answer all questions during the webinar, but if time is too short or a question goes too far off topic, those questions will be answered at a later time via email.

The FREE webinars, also called product demonstration webinars, are done by our Sales Consultants to help you better understand how our software works and how it can benefit your ministry. Topics covered by the FREE webinars are: Arena Select, Arena Premium, Shelby v.5 and ShelbyTELLER (our Check-21 compatible, electronic, check-processing software). The FREE webinars are a great chance to hear about the features and benefits of Shelby’s church management software, as well as talk to a Shelby professional who can answer any questions that you might have.

The Training webinars are an incredible value because you buy them once, but you can continue to benefit from the On-Demand version for as long as they are available. To date, all Training webinars (even going back to 2009) are still available in recorded or “On-Demand” form. Each Training webinar has a detailed handout to expand the learning experience. The webinar and the handout can be shared with other staff members. What other training venue can you purchase for under $40 and then use to educate your whole team? This is great for a staff that is always bringing in new hires or where staff change roles (which seem to be most church staffs).

Shelby consistently gets great marks on our content, the presenters, and the affordability of our Training webinars. We have been intentional in this current economy to find the best ways to extend our customer’s training dollar and webinars have been a key element in that endeavor.

If you are interested in a FREE webinar, click here. If you are looking for a Training webinar, click here.