Looking for new financial church software that keeps you organized and up-to-date? Shelby’s Financials has it (and does it) all. Here is a list of everything available in Financials and what each feature can do for you:

Accounts Payable

The ability to pay bills, manage credits from and payments to vendors and keep records of invoices. Users operate on a cash, accrual, or modified accrual basis.

Accounts Receivable

Provides an easy way to place monies in the proper funds and tracks money you receive from varied sources, such as: daycare billing, subscriptions, loan payments and other billable items.

Bank Reconciliation

Electronically manages your checkbook (all transaction types: withdrawals, deposits, transfers), so dealing with statements is quick, accurate and painless.

Check Express

Process reimbursements instantly for those unexpected check requests and record withdrawals and deposits with immediate check printing.

Expense Amortization

A bookkeeping tool to more accurately indicate when expenses are incurred and to amortize prepaid expenses over a period of time, rather than having the expenses update your general ledger as a lump sum at the time of the payment.

Fixed Assets

Manages the physical assets of your organization by tracking warranties, calculating depreciations, managing preventative maintenance and documenting service history.

General Ledger

Stored data provides history and reports to handle planning and budgeting activities. Quickly send reports directly to Excel and enter next year’s budget details by directly importing files prepared by your staff. Source documents provide great audit information.

General Ledger Plus

Perfect for “umbrella” organizations with multiple locations, GL Plus provides consolidated reporting that spans all companies. Reduce staff expenses by handling accounting activities at a central office and provide companies the power to access their financial information from remote locations via the internet and Microsoft® Terminal Services.


Manages all aspects of your payroll by providing gross wage computation, calculating all necessary taxes, determining voluntary deductions and printing a payroll check for the employee. It also accumulates necessary totals for monthly, quarterly and annual government & management reporting (including magnetic media reporting).

Purchase Order

Allows supervisors to establish and enforce an “approval process” that starts with a requisition and ends with an approved purchase order. The Desktop Dashboard alerts users when a requisition is awaiting approval and an automated email notifies managers when they need to approve requisitions. The module can automatically email a purchase order to the vendor upon approval, if desired.


For on-the-spot receipts to assure givers that their contributions are accurately documented.


Electronic transfer of funds between bank accounts that replaces manual check writing for bills, as well as data entry for receivables & donations.

ShelbyMICR Plus

Print an entire check on secure blank check stock— including MICR information for each unique bank account, your church’s logo & address, dollar amount and multiple signatures— all in just one pass. Do this on your network from any workstation!

Business Forms

NELCO is the chosen provider of checks, tax and business forms for Shelby. NELCO has been in the tax and business forms industry for over 50 years and works closely with the developers of Shelby software.


Enables you to produce reports utilizing your expertise of Microsoft® SQL. It is designed to meet those unusual reporting needs for users who have some experience with report writers.

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