Ministry Brands provides your church with solutions that allow you to be present in the digital giving space with FLEXIBILITY, while decreasing administrative time constraints.

ShelbyNext Online Giving offers an additional opportunity for the next generation of givers to participate in your mission.

Our Online Giving solution allows churches to design their own giving experience. Do you want donors to be able to write-in their gift designation? Would you like to provide a list of funds? What if they could simply enter the amount and everything was directed to one place? You can do it all with the ShelbyNext Online Giving product. Do you have a special initiative you would like to pursue while not redesigning your weekly giving opportunity? Shelby’s form-based giving allows you to create as many Giving forms as you have ideas. Each one can be branded uniquely by initiative.

The forms module also allows for event registration and payment through the same platform. Ticketed events, drop-in programing, conferences, or fundraisers, ShelbyNext Giving provides a solution churches can use in multiple ways.

ShelbyNext Giving also includes text message giving and solutions for app-based giving.

Recurring giving can be encouraged by churches to create consistent income to different funds. Does your youth group regularly participate in mission projects? Challenge your members to invest in the next generation, year-round, with an extra $10/month automatically deducted from their account.

ShelbyNext Online Giving is as flexible as your imagination.

Here are some current statistics about ministry giving from Lifeway Research that you may find helpful.

Who is giving to the Church in the United States:

Who are the Givers:

Shelby Systems is committed to helping churches large and small streamline their giving process. We provide the software and the plan that can help your church make the leap to digital giving. To find out how, contact one of our Ministry Consultants today.