Hall of Fame Coach Bobby Bowden holds the record for most wins (410) in the history of major college football (along with 2 national championships and 12 conference championships). But those are not his greatest accomplishments. Coach Bowden is living proof that you can live a life of dignity and follow the highest ethical standards and still achieve the pinnacle of success. Discover how “Woodlawn” was a big part of Bobby Bowden’s decision to go into coaching, his unusual path to Christianity, his favorite biography written about him, and how he spends his time now that he is retired. Several years ago the coach gave a speech that changed my life. That evening he concluded with the story of “the only home run I ever hit in college.” Don’t miss this amazing true lesson that you will remember for the rest of your life. And make sure to invite a teenager to see our bonus question and answer: “How to Become a Success.”

Learn more about the Ministry of Coach Bobby Bowden.
Watch the Bobby Bowden Hall of Fame Speech (13:21).
Watch the Bobby Bowden Scenes from the film We Are Marshall (4:44).
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