Shelby Systems has expanded its partnership with ProfitStars®, a Jack Henry Company, to provide churches and non-profit organizations with broader functionality within the ShelbyTELLER module, an integrated Check 21 processing solution. A new relationship with Enterprise Payment Solutions (EPS), a division of ProfitStars, will offer ACH/Check 21 conversion services through ShelbyTeller.

The new partnership with EPS enables ShelbyTELLER users to convert payments received by check into ACH/Check 21 transactions for processing, reducing check processing and related payment acceptance costs. This also enables churches whose banks are not yet image-enabled to take advantage of ShelbyTeller’s remote deposit capture.

“We are very excited to further our partnership with Shelby Systems to help provide their customers with ACH/Check 21 service through EPS, an added benefit for check processing in ShelbyTELLER,” said Chris Brammer, EPS Sales Executive.

ShelbyTELLER is a complete Check 21-compatible, electronic check processing software that fully integrates with Shelby v.5 and Arena data. This unique system scans and captures both front and back of check images, tithing envelopes, or other financial documents for remote deposit.