One of our customers, High Desert Church, has added a new feature to their “parking lot” in Phelan, CA. A hitching post has been built for Sunday morning worshipers who are up early and want to ride their horses to church.

Many of the members at the Phelan campus own horses, and some have been known to ride in on Sunday mornings. You see, High Desert has 3 different campuses, but their Phelan location is unique due to its rural location. As Joel Lingenfelter put it on his blog, “It would never work at any of our other campuses, but in Phelan, it’s perfect. ”

Speaking of Joel, be sure to check out his blog when you get a chance- it’s a wealth of information about what it’s like working in IT at a large church and how High Desert came to work with Shelby. They started using Arena back in 2008 and he blogged his way through the entire process of choosing the church management software (ChMS) all the way through setting it up and how they are using it today.

Does your church do anything out of the ordinary for its members and visitors?