#GivingTuesday Online Giving Tips

Since #GivingTuesday began in 2012, it’s taken time for this global day of generosity to catch on. But, the impact noticeably grows year after year and, if you haven’t already, you should be focused on making it easier for your donors to participate with an easy and effective online giving solution.

That’s why there’s no better time to launch (or relaunch!) digital giving. Providing your congregation and community with a better way to connect to the church ignites giving as you enter the most generous time of the year.

Adding an online giving solution gives your community the option to donate via text, in-app, or online and you can even set up a separate fund for #GivingTuesday. In addition to giving, they can sign up to volunteer, register and pay for upcoming events, and provide additional one-time gifts. The best part? It’s all optimized for mobile so your donors can give anytime and from anywhere using their smartphone device.

Although #GivingTuesday is just around the corner, you’ll still want to make sure you have a plan in place to effectively launch your digital giving. Don’t worry, you still have time! We’ve laid out all the best practices for you below so you don’t have to waste a second.

Customize digital giving to your church’s brand

With digital giving platforms like ShelbyNext Giving, it won’t take long to familiarize yourself with the control panel and manage your church’s brand. Make sure you add your church’s logo, colors, and more to create a familiar experience.

If you’re relaunching digital giving, take this time to make sure everything is up to date. The more you customize the technology and keep it current, the more comfortable people will be using it to engage with the church.

Focus on one cause for #GivingTuesday

Faith-based organizations saw the largest percentage of gifts last year for #GivingTuesday versus other sectors. Although people value the work churches do every day, increased engagement on this particular day can be attributed to the focus on a single purpose. That’s why you’ll want to make your #GivingTuesday fund unique from other campaigns you run throughout the year.

Not sure what cause to choose? Ask your community what’s important to them! 

Select a small group to test the features

First time with digital giving? Consider selecting a small group of volunteers or staff to go through the process of giving digitally. Have them test the quality of the different functions such as setting up a recurring gift. This gives you time to further customize your giving pages, event registrations, and other forms and ensure the best experience for new users. As an added bonus, this group will be familiar with the process and be able to confidently walk others through the digital giving process once you launch.

Plan a dedicated launch date

Once you’ve customized your features, picked your cause for #GivingTuesday, and a soft rollout with your volunteers, you’ll need to select an official launch date. Choose a day that lets you promote digital giving in-person and online. Here’s a checklist to ensure you maximize the launch:

  1. Prepare and hand out pamphlets showing how to donate via text, in-app, and online
  2. Demonstrate the process before service and share slides with simple instructions
  3. Dedicate a staff member or volunteer to work with members that are less familiar with the technology
  4. Spread the word by sharing the link to your online giving page and your unique text-to-give number in emails and on social media.
  5. Highlight your cause by sending out invitations to your community to join you for #GivingTuesday with instructions on how they can participate.

Continue your #GivingTuesday efforts beyond the launch

Once you’ve introduced digital giving, be sure to continue your efforts to grow engagement by reminding your members that you’ve launched digital giving at the end of services. Roughly 51% of Americans only go to church once a month, and you want to reach everyone. You can also share information often on your website and social media, so it’s readily available for first-time givers.

Digital giving should be a breeze and by taking these steps to plan out your launch (or relaunch), you’ll see more engagement and participation in furthering your church’s vision on #GivingTuesday and beyond!

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