Roku. The little box that lets you stream movies, shows and music on your TV.

In a post on from a few months ago, I learned about how Northland, A Church Distributed, was the first to pave the way for a live church channel on Roku. They found a way to use this new technology to reach thousands of people who want an easier way to worship outside of the church.

All of Roku’s content is sent over the internet and some of it is available at no cost, while others require a cost per video or a subscription. With the price starting at $59.00, it is yet another new and inexpensive way for technology and churches to reach those who cannot physically attend a service.  Some people have even started hosting the services on Roku from their homes.

Sounds like this could be the next big thing in the church world! Due to the simplicity of Roku, Northland has successfully created its own channel and hopes that more people from around the globe can take part in its mission.