Abuse taking place in ministries is a big topic in the news right now. A church should be a place of safety, especially for children. Unfortunately, times have changed. These days ministries can no longer consider security a secondary issue. Protecting church members and staff should be a top priority for all ministries today.

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to talk with a church security expert, Josh Weis: EVP of Ministry Brands. Please click the image above to watch this brief video.

In the 5 minute interview Josh discusses:

  • Exactly what he does and why his work is essential for ministries
  • The Worst Case Scenario – he shares a heart-breaking but true story of a church that ignored his warning
  • The frightening statistics that he deals with everyday and why you can’t afford to be without protection


Please contact your Shelby Sales Consultant for more information about Protect My Ministry and make your church members’ safety a top priority today.