Happy Friday!

It is always nice to know what you are thinking about us, and we love getting feedback from you. One of our clients from Shepherd of the Hills Church, Jeremy Hoff, was asking around about Shelby Systems’ Payroll feature and was looking for feedback from our Payroll users on what they think about it. All of the feedback was positive, but I wanted to give everyone else a chance to see what some of our users are saying, as well as to take this moment and say ‘thanks’ to all of you. There is some great information here…

“I have worked lots of different PR programs and I think Shelby is one of the best. We are small but I still love how easy it is to use. I say go for it. It will pay for itself in just a few months.”

-Sue Nichols- Parish Manager at St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church

“Shelby Payroll is a great program. We used ADP for several years, but pulled it in-house in 1995 and are SO glad we did. Periodically, my boss will ask if we should consider outsourcing – but so far, I see no reason why we should. Doing it ourselves may cost us a bit more time for the reporting side of things, but we save way more money in ADP fees than we spend on the salary for our employees to do it for us.

I would also recommend the third party product, Time-Clock Plus. It interfaces with Shelby and eliminates manual entry of hours. Shelby Systems actually uses this for their payroll processing.”

-Cindy Rose- Finance/Accounting Manager at Christian Life Center

“We have about 55 employees and do payroll every other week. Piece of cake, including the tax forms, and the Shelby support is amazingly up-to-date on this stuff!

The minister’s “quirks” are handled very easily. The data input is about as simple as it gets, and you have to do the data part of it even if you outsource.

I will say, however, that we are blessed not to have the nasty stuff–garnishments, out-of-state people, etc. But, Shelby has a place for those things, too. It’s all in how it’s set up. Once the setup is done correctly, the thing just about runs itself! I don’t think I could ever be convinced to outsource.”

-Lori Manning at Zoar Baptist Church

Our clients are so important to us and we appreciate all of you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I sound like a recording on an answering machine, don’t I?