Oxford University Philosophy Professor, Dr. Vince Vitale, informs viewers through a Ravi Zacharias International Ministries sponsored You Tube video that “God’s Not Dead”. Vitale sets out to contradict the current notion that the world is moving farther and farther away from being able to prove that God is real and alive but instead notifies viewers of the exact opposite. God is alive and active and is revered even at the top universities around the world.


Vitale quotes well-known atheist  philosopher, Quentin Smith, who admits debates between religious philosophers and philosophers that do not specialize in religion will end in favor of the religious philosophers in every argument. He speaks of sociologist Peter Berger who at one time predicted the secularization theory; he believed the more modern and technical the world becomes the more secular it will become. Berger has since abandoned this theory that he once stood by simply because evidence proves the contrary. Vitale also speaks of the works of prominent British philosopher of religion, Richard Swinburne, who concludes that based on evidence today it is 97% probable that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. His theory is supported with probability and expressed in his book The Resurrection of God Incarnate. This must be a very strong case for Oxford University to publish such a book. God is not dead. Rather He is alive and being sought after by some of the highest intellectuals today.


Vitale concludes by sharing a quote from famous German atheist Friedrich Nietzsche as saying “if there were gods how could I bare not to be a god”. Which reveals the human nature to focus on and worship self. Self: a finite being that has no control over anything much less one’s self. One question that was pivotal in Vitale’s faith, “If we think it is our minds that keep us from God then we might not be dealing with the arguments at the highest level”. Which I interpret to mean, if we cannot remove ourselves from the equation long enough to entertain the idea of a greater One existing, then we need intervention. Thankfully there is a gracious God who is alive and active who loves His creation so much He does not leave them in their sin!!