Maybe some of you think you are already doing great by following a blog and you are sick of hearing about the “new wave of social media” that is taking over the marketing world. My job is social media and blogging, and even I get sick of hearing about it.

Being in elementary school when the internet took off and being the college student on Facebook (when only college students were allowed on Facebook), I really don’t know much else. With that being said, constantly reading about the statistics associated with social media and its effects can even wear me out.

I love social media, but who wants to read every day about the effectiveness of Twitter and the statistics on how Facebook has skyrocketed in its 6 year existence?

It’s true. Social media is huge and a lot of churches and non-profit organizations are jumping on board to connect with their congregations… and as it turns out, this information can be VERY important to your ministry. If you are part of a church that is still holding out on this idea, maybe this one fact will change your mind…

Facebook. is. bigger. than. Google.

Let that sink in for a minute…

Think of all the times you have relied on Google or heard someone say, “Lets Google it.” Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is something I constantly use, too, but to realize that it was visited more in 2010 than was Google. Crazy.

If this hasn’t convinced you of the huge opportunities that might be available to you on Facebook, I don’t know what will!

Shelby Systems is a part of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and of course… we have our blog. We have seen a lot of great responses from these, and we think churches and non-profits could have the same (or possibly better) results.

What do you think?