Do you follow Todd Rhoades? He’s a Christian blogger who discusses current events ranging from his own personal experiences to what other churches are doing around the world. Some of his stuff has an edge to it, which usually makes for an interesting read.

One of Todd’s most recent posts was about how North Point Community Church, in Atlanta, GA, had a goal to raise $1,000,000 and collect 25 tons of food to give to those in need. After a month, North Point has raised $2,000,000 and has collected 41 tons. One charity said that they received so much food that they don’t have room to store it all.

Kudos to North Point for their exceptional generosity & selflessness and thanks to Todd Rhoades for the great post.

This story is inspiring and this effort just goes to show that we can all help, whether it be in a big or small way. How are you making a difference this Christmas?