I might be behind on this one, but as I was reading through the March/April 2012 issue of Outreach Magazine, I came across an article about using QR codes in creative ways. North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA had a QR code to take viewers to a video of their “iBand”. I was intrigued so I pulled out my QR scanner, and there I was… watching entire songs being played only on iPads and iPods… with my iPhone.

Has anyone else seen this before? It takes the phrase “tech savvy” to a whole new level, especially since this was over a year ago. There are still churches out there who use organs and/or don’t even have anything that can be referred to as a band. That’s great, because everyone has different tastes and many people still prefer the more traditional worship service… but this is a must see. Even if you aren’t one who likes cutting edge technology in your church, it will be hard to not be impressed by this video.

What an innovative way to switch things up! Kudos, North Point!

Does your church ever do anything out-of-the ordinary to try and shake things up?