We’re excited to announce the release of a major new feature built to support the way you do ministry. At Shelby Systems, we work diligently with churches to develop features that serve real ministry purposes. We believe your software should be easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful. That’s why we take the time to think through what will make a church administrator’s job easier and this release does just that! 

Glance Icons and Badges

Ever wish you could tell some key facts right away about a member without having to dig around in the database? With Shelby’s new Glance Icons, you can know what you want to know without any hassle. Keep the important information front and center. 

The best part? You get to decide what information matters most and assign Glance Icons and Badges to those key details. You might choose to see small group membership, volunteer status, worship attendance, etc. 

Ways you’ll use Glance Icons and Badges

Example 1

Your pastor gets a phone call from a church attendee with a family emergency. In the moments  before picking up the call, knowing their member status, whether they are connected to a small group, and how active they have been recently will be helpful. Your Glance setup could include:

  1. Icon or Badge indicating “In Group: Members”
  2. Icon or Badge indicating “In Group: Regular Attenders” (or, same icon/badge on a configurable field)
  3. Attendance Graph showing All Attendance 

Example 2

Your pastor has emphasized the importance of a personal touch and wants to see when an individual’s birthday or baptism anniversary is coming up within three weeks. Glance setup could include:

  1. Icon indicating “Event Anniversary: Birthdate in next 3 weeks”
  2. Icon indicating “Event Anniversary: Baptism in next 3 weeks”

Example 3

Your pastor has prioritized Adult Small Group involvement and wants to give leaders a way to see whether or not an individual is involved in a group every time they see someone’s profile. Glance setup could include:

  1. Icon or badge indicating “In Group View: Small Groups”
    First, create a Group View that includes all “small groups” (this is easy if you have an existing group property). Next, make your demo user a part of a small group.
  2. Alternate Options: Attendance Graph indicating Small Group attendance (need to record attendance for small groups)

Example 4

The children’s pastor deals with volunteer burnout and turnover wants to have a quick reference for attendance and volunteer patterns for contacts.

  1. Attendance Graph indicating “Group View: Serving Groups” (works well if your volunteers check-in to volunteer groups) 
  2. Alternate Option: Icon or Badge indicating “Member of: Group View Serving Groups”

Saved Query Searches

Trying to remember exactly how you got that helpful list of men in their 20s and seniors who have completed your mentoring class who all live in one of three towns on the west side? Saved Query Searches will help. 

This simple feature addition means that the searches you conduct regularly are now at your fingertips. Stop scratching your head trying to remember what you were looking for. We’ve done it for you.

Next Steps

It’s time to start using Glance Icons and Badges and Saved Query Searches to streamline your church management. As always, one of the best ways to keep up with our feature releases is to attend our Release Details Webinar, which happens the second Tuesday of every month.

Not using ShelbyNext yet? It’s time to test our set of ministry-first features and see how this simple, yet powerful software can support the way you serve. 

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