Ed Stetzer, who writes for the Lifeway Research Blog, wrote an article a few months ago asking, “Should Churches Have Multiple Worship Service Styles?”

This question is one that many churches have struggled with. There are always going to be people joining or visiting your church who prefer a certain style of worship, but it is almost impossible to try and please everyone. The larger your church gets, the more diverse your congregation becomes. This is a good thing, but that opens the window even wider for more opinions and expectations.

Remember my post back in the day about demanding church members who expect something from your church that is different from your expectations? To try and mold your services to meet those expectations is a great idea, but it is important to hold tightly to the standards and expectations that your church was founded on.

Some churches hold a more traditional service earlier in the morning and hold the more contemporary one at the later hour. Some even move the contemporary one to a Saturday night service. It’s all what works best for the staff and members.

Does your church stick with the more contemporary services or more traditional services? Or both?