Day two of MPower19 kicked off with Ministry Brands Vice President of the Enterprise Division: Russell McDaniel. After welcoming everyone to another day packed with learning, networking and inspiration, Russell introduced our keynote speaker for the day: Danielle Strickland.

Danielle is the author of two books, host of the DJStrickland podcast and is affectionately known as the “ambassador of fun.”

Danielle’s inspirational speech focused on John Chapter 9 and the theme “Are we asking the wrong question.” You may remember the blind man from John 9. The disciples asked who sinned this man or his parents. Jesus said this man was born blind to display the Glory of God and then Jesus healed him.

Perhaps “whose fault is it?” is the wrong question. A better question might be “how can God receive glory from this situation?” or “what does God want me to do now?”

Danielle shared several inspirational stories from her years of experience working with those who have been marginalized. It was an uplifting and empowering morning.

If you missed the live speech or the livestream, we will have a highlights video of the entire MPower conference on this blog in a few days.

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We’ll have a final report right here on the Shelby Blog tomorrow as we wrap up MPower19. More to come!