Let’s play a quick guessing game.


What wakes you up in the morning?

What possession do you not leave the house without?

What is one item that if lost creates a sense of panic and fear?

What component do you upgrade every 2 years with renewal of contract?


Go ahead, say what you are thinking. Yep! That’s it. The cell phone.


I know, I gave it away with the title. Thanks for humoring me at least. 


Your cell phone is likely to be by your side 24/7. If you are like me, your cell phone wakes you up in the morning and your entire day will be affected if you leave it at home. It is a vital form of communication and it would be hard to live without. I was recently sent an article by my co-worker Don. (He’s a cool guy that creates great podcasts.) Don had been challenged by an article from Christian Media Magazine and after reading it, I was challenged too. What would the world look like if we treated our Bibles like we treat our cell phones?


What would the world be like if teenagers rarely looked up from their bibles like they rarely look up from their phones? What if we took time to search for answers in scripture like we search for apps in the app store? What if we listened to the audio version of the Bible every time we wanted to listen to music for a week; how would we change? It is challenging to admit that we are more likely to have our phone in hand than our Bible. A challenge is just that – challenging! It is not easy to go against habits but it is worth a try. I for one have never regretted choosing to read my Bible. It sounds like a worthy challenge to me. What do you think?


Would anyone like to take this challenge? Pick a phone habit and challenge yourself to replace it with a creative format of Scripture. Leave your ideas below!!