One great tool that we offer in our browser-based Arena Premium software is the Health Meter (also known as the Active Meter). We always like to open up opportunities to hear from our customers and see what tools are really helpful to them. It’s also a plus when we can offer something that doesn’t yet exist anywhere else in the church software world.

What we’ve realized is that many churches want to review involvement, attendance, and other measurable information from their members (or visitors). Using Arena’s Health Meter, each person’s information can be queried to show the ‘church health’ of that individual. With Arena’s complete view of a person, ANY information you are tracking can be added to the criteria and used to calculate their involvement. This information is displayed in an ongoing graph, which tracks their growth over time.

To take this information even further, you can create automatically generated reports to alert you when someone’s health meter declines. This report gives you a qualified list of members or visitors who could use extra encouragement or guidance. Talk about “closing the back door!”

If you are looking for something that can take a snapshot of attendance, contributions, volunteers, etc. (as a whole), we also include a Metrics tool in Arena Premium that shows how those ministries are performing. It is all displayed in a simple graph format.

The cool thing about the Health Meter and the Metrics tool is that they both come standard in Arena Premium and are completely customizable.

A similar tool that is great for denominational headquarters offices is the Church Health Meter, which measures the amount of involvement, contributions, attendance (and so on) of each of their reporting churches. The Church Health Meter comes standard in our Arena Headquarters software.

If you have any questions about how to use the Health Meter, the Church Health Meter, or the Metrics tool… call us at (800) 877-0222 or email

We also hold weekly free webinars on Arena that highlight the features and benefits.