April 7, 2017 is the national premiere of the new film The Case For Christ. Shelby Systems recently had the honor of interviewing Lee Strobel, the author who inspired the film. The book, with almost 6 million copies sold, was written in response to Lee’s wife announcing that she had become a Christian. In order to convince Leslie that the Jesus narratives are not accurate, Lee conducted a two year investigation into the veracity of the Gospels. But his research revealed surprising results. Results that changed his life forever. Now the award-winning book is a major motion picture. Click the image above to watch highlights from the movie, and listen as Lee explains:

Why he became an atheist as a young person
Where he worked after graduating from Yale Law School
What one word came to mind when his wife announced she had become a follower of Jesus
How his journalism and law background influenced his investigation into the Gospels
What surprised him the most when the book was translated to film
Who he expects the typical audience member will be
What he hopes people talk about on the ride home
The best way for a Christian to help promote the film

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Watch a Video Promo that Lee Strobel created exclusively for Shelby Systems.
Listen to the new Case For Christ song by JT Murrell.

Invite your skeptical and questioning friends to an unforgettable evening at the movies and then encourage them to attend church with you on Easter Sunday.