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Need to pay 1 employee but not sure where to start? Then you will love this tip.

  • In Payroll hover over Manage, and choose Payroll Processing
  • Select the radio button All Employees and use any of the filters that make the employee list shorter
  • Click Search which will show all listed employees
  • If any records have values, then click the Clear Employees to Pay button
  • Locate the employee to pay and click the pencil icon
    • The program will fill in the regular amounts for salaried employees
    • Or, enter the hours to be paid on each compensation type for hourly employees
    • Edit any of the deductions listed as needed
    • Click the green plus signs to add additional compensation types and deduction types
  • Click the Update button when finished editing
  • Select another employee if needed
  • When finished, click the Process Payroll button and follow the wizard until you finish by posting to the General Ledger