Now, I know that many people have issues with using smart phones or tablets in church… some even with technology in general, but what about an iPhone app that gets your kids more involved in the church service?

According to the Christian Post, a mother of three created just that. Ann Goade thought of “Big Church Bingo” after she became frustrated with the lack of attention that she and her family were giving to the Sunday morning messages at their church. Goade was giving her kids coloring sheets and other distractions during church, but they weren’t paying attention to what the pastor was saying, and in turn, neither was Goade. She was looking for a way to get her kids involved in the sermon while having fun doing it.

The idea of the app is to tap the screen when any of the available words are said in church (which then darkens the words), and after five of your words are darkened in a row, you have won. The words can be customized or you can choose from commonly used church words that are already built into the app.

Goade said that this app has given her kids the chance to play and learn at the same time. It has also given her the chance to give her full attention to the sermon again.

Do you have a strategy for getting your kids more involved?

Would this app be helpful for the Children’s Ministry at your church?