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The upcoming Spring release contains several new features, one of which is the Phase 1 Ad Hoc Report tool. Our hosted financial users have been requesting a replacement for v.5 ShelbyQUERY for some time.  So, we have been trying to build such a tool which is secure enough to use in the hosted environment and, can be restricted to users who have been granted permission to use it.  After several months of research and coding, we are finally able to provide a basic utility that is easier to learn and use than the v.5 ShelbyQUERY.  You no longer need to learn how to join tables – the program joins them for you. You no longer need to learn Transact SQL to have the results sorted in a desired way – now that task is as easy as clicking on a column heading.  Then when you want to exclude or limit information in one or more of the columns, just use the filter at the top of each column of data.

As you might have already figured out, Ad Hoc Report creates a list of selected data fields arranged in columns.  Then users have several ways to view and limit the data set.  I expect users who are not reading this post will quickly discover that the real power of the tool exists in exporting data in .csv format, which can then be opened in Excel.  Once in Excel users can use the file to send mass emails to selected email addresses using Microsoft Word.  Users can also easily create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.  Both operations are simple and easy to learn.  Naturally, there is more.

For those of you who will be attending ISC 2018 in Memphis you might want to consider signing up for my Ad Hoc Report class, #F208 at 3:30 pm on Thursday.

I will be providing more information on how to use the tool in future posts.