This is neat!

The book “The Inmates Are Running the Asylum” focuses on the importance of engineers in today’s world and the overflow of computer technology and new innovative gadgets that they create. Author Alan Cooper makes an interesting point about how accidental inventions can lead to huge benefits.

An adhesive engineer named Art Fry couldn’t find a practical way to save a page in his hymnal while singing in his church choir, since standard bookmarks fell out and tape created too much damage to the pages. He started thinking about an old adhesive that he had worked on in the past and remembered that it was too weak to stick very well. He tried adding the adhesive to a few small square pieces of paper and the 3M Post-it Note was created.

This minor thought forever changed the way homes and offices organize their materials.

Whodathunkit? The famous Post-it Notes were started all because a church choir engineer needed a good bookmark!