Have you seen the Best Buy commercial that pokes fun at the ever-changing world of technology? It shows scenarios of peoples’ hilarious reactions after they have just purchased what they thought was the latest gadget, only to be shown the newer and better version that’s already out on the market. I love the part where a family is moving in their new 3D TV and a truck drives by advertising the newest 4D TV that requires no special glasses (which, don’t worry… doesn’t actually exist yet). This always makes me laugh because it seems like that’s exactly what happens with technology on a daily basis.

As a church management software company that has been in business for 35 years, Shelby understands that technology is always changing and that it is essential to keep up. Our browser-based software,branded as Shelby Arena, is accessible from any location with internet access, as well as from an app on your smartphone. Here is a list of some cool things that it can help you to:

  • Manage membership & contact information
  • Send out bulk text messages or emails to staff, members, visitors, etc.
  • Allow people to locate & join small groups near them
  • Receive email notifications when members show interest in joining a small group
  • Make contributions and prayer requests available online
  • Design your customized website and event pages
  • Allow people to sign up & make payments online for events & mission trips
  • Set up various check in locations for church events
  • Track volunteer involvement
  • Create lists & reports on all of your data
  • Create assignments & workflows for your staff & volunteers
  • Run & recording background screenings on staff & volunteers
  • Assign security roles to users or to lock down access to confidential information
  • Schedule notification emails about the weekly visitor attendance, monthly contributions, etc.