Easter is one of the most popular times for your members to invite friends and family to your services. What does that experience look like on their first visit? Afterwards, how is the church connecting with those guests once they have left the building and how are you setting your members up to invite those friends again? 

Make it easy for your guests to learn more about your ministry and to share their information with you by using the versatility of digital Forms, QR Codes and Text Keywords 

Do you have a welcome gift for your first-time visitors? Make sure they hear that several times. Add a workflow to your form submission to send them a text thanking them for visiting and giving them directions on where to pick up that gift. 

Don’t let the guest experience end with the service. Make sure you have a plan in place for how follow-up happens, the frequency, and who owns each piece. Even better than a plan is one you can automate with reminders. See a sample plan here with directions on how to create it in ShelbyNext Membership. 

Are you asking your guests with whom they came or who invited them? Partner with your members to continue your follow-up. Here are some examples: invite both the guest and the member to your monthly welcome event, assign one of the new guest Interactions (think follow-up tasks) to the member, send a note to the member thanking them for inviting their friend. 

How will you know if you are engaging your guests or just checking off tasks? Consider how the Glance & Badges features of ShelbyNext Membership can help you see how these members are engaging. Learn more here

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