It is possible the thought has never crossed your mind but your label printer can benefit from a routine cleaning. Regular maintenance is a preventative step that will help your printer have a long life. When a label printer is well maintained, the printer head will generally last a million linear inches. How often should you clean your printer? We think it is a good rule of thumb to clean the printer when you reorder your labels.


Here are the steps we have found to be helpful.

  • Disconnect power to the printer.
  • Open the top of the printer using the green tabs on both sides.
  • I use alcohol wipes to clean the in house Godex printers. (We recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol to the print head and the roller.



  • Locate the Printer head and wipe it gently to remove any build up or debris.


  • Remove the Platen covers.


  • Lift out the roller and clean it to remove debris and adhesive residue.



  • Replace the roller and platen covers.  The platen covers have left, L, and right, R, indicators marked inside to ensure they are placed properly.
  • Your printer is now clean. 

Did you find these instructions helpful? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Are there any other third party product procedures that you would like to learn about? Let us know and we will be happy to research for you!!